Coleman Award

The Coleman Award was developed to recognize a current Committee Chairman who demonstrates the exemplary contribution of time and effort toward the accomplishment of AAF goals; someone who is a key leader and team player. The Coleman Award was established in memory of the volunteer spirit of the late John Coleman (West Coast Chapter).

1989 Chuck Dekker
1990 Tim Wright
1991 Allen Lindsey
1992 Scott Myers
1993 John DeCosmo
1994 David Miller
1995 Joe Alvarez
1996 Sherry Alvarez
1997 Jack Johnson
1998 Steve Buzzella
1999 Frank Storms
2000 Mark Coleman
2001 Don Leggett
2002 Glen Kohlenberg
2003 John Robinson
2004 Mike Moberley
2005 Ron Carpenter
2006 Kevin Sciglia
2007 Richard Moore
2008 David Johns
2009 Mike Sonsini
2010 Scot Cribby
2011 Richard Moore
2012 Christian Smith
2013 Rick Gillmore
2015 Mike Moberley
2016 Scott Myers
2017 Gary Hartshorn